Poster exhibition review



My publication on Nazi era graphic design will appear in a Special Issue of The Poster journal, Intellect Publishers:

Typography of Terror – Posters in Munich 1933-1945 (original German title: Typographie des Terrors – Plakate in München 1933 bis 1945), Munich Stadtmuseum, 11 May – 11 November 2012, Exhibition Review, The Poster, 2.2, 2013. (to appear)

This review discusses the exhibition Typography of Terror – Posters in Munich 1933-1945, which drew its material from Munich’s Stadtmuseum (City Museum) archival collection and was shown there between 11 May and 11 November 2012. The exhibition dealt with the highly sensitive issue of propaganda in the Nazi era. The exhibits illustrated the manipulation and suppression of German citizens by the regime through the artistic, publicly presented medium of the poster; the posters exhibited constitute powerful and thought-provoking examples of visual rhetoric in the public sphere.