Visual communication in the Balkans


Special issue of The Design Journal (18:4, 2015) on the subject of Visual Communicaton in the Balkans, edited by Jilly Traganou (Parsons The New School for Design, NY) and Artemis Yagou.


Introduction to Visual Communication in the Balkans: A Socio-political Perspective
Jilly Traganou and Artemis Yagou

On Political Dissent in Design: Two Poster Guerrilla Actions of Slovene Design Group Novi Kolektivizem
Ksenija Berk

Reading an Instance of Contemporary Urban Iconoclash: A Design Report from Athens
Konstantinos Avramidis

Difficult Exhibitions in Difficult Sites: An Investigation of Exhibition Design Practice for The Rescuers in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Willhemina Emma Wahlin and Leora Khan

Learning from Sarajevo: Visual Expression Through the Lens of Yugoslavia’s Countercultural Music Scenes and Their Enduring Legacy (From the 1980s to the Present)
Lida Hujic

Every state needs its own Balkan
Marija Juza and Nikola Djurek

Disputed Histories: Art and Design Methodologies Tackling Contradictory Narratives in Historical Textbooks
Vahida Ramujkic

Designing the Identity of a New State: Kosovo Flag
Daniel Cosentino

Grafica fara Computer (Graphics without Computers)
Artemis Yagou

Dizajn i nezavisna kultura (Design and Independent Culture)
Dora Sapunar

Diavaterion- Passports, Permits and Passes from the ELIA Collections
Artemis Yagou

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